So lately we've been working on a project for Apotek Hjärtat.  We were a part of making an interactive face morphing tool, for use in a storefront installation and web campaign. 

One of our biggest parts in the project was to research if it was possible to create the tool, and it was. With help from the German developer that created the face tracking tool Beyond reality face, we managed to add a distortion overlay that morphed faces into babies.
The digital production studio State interactive fine tuned the tool, and made it integrated in Apotek Hjärtats webpage. 

Here below you can see some of the people working with project bebifierade.

As I mentioned above the campaign also included a storefront installation in Täby Centrum (Stockholm).  As you can see below the installation consisted of a 65" display with a camera mounted on top. So when you stand in front of the display the camera will film you and morph your face.

If you haven't had the chance to experience the bebification, visit Täby Centrum as soon as possible or visit Apotek Hjärtats website.

Below is a video from the event in Täby Centrum.

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